I am passionate about good nutrition, which in turn leads to good health.

Health means happiness, and laughter is a wonderful medicine in itself.  As a naturopath I believe firmly in the power of the mind on health, and a positive outlook is key to that.

I was reminded of this last Friday at a moving memorial service for a dear neighbour, client and friend, Jan.

Jan was a force for life who would burst through my door full of the latest plans she had for her and Jim.  Holidays, trips to the theatre, walks, dinner parties, you name it.  She grabbed at life with both hands and absolutely adored her family and made for a loyal and caring friend.  Unbelievably and suddenly Jan has been taken from us all by the dreaded Cancer.  Mercifully she had no idea until a week or so before she died.  As her family and her friends have said; ” she leaves a Jan shaped hole in our lives ”

We will probably never know what caused Jan’s cancer but what we all can do is give our minds and bodies the best tools to fight any potential threat.  Even small changes could influence our longevity.  But getting the balance right is key I believe, and to love and laugh a lot along the way.  After all we none of us know what tomorrow will bring.

Even if this post makes you stop for just a minute and think about how you might make a change today, it will have been worthwhile.  And while you are thinking, don’t forget to hug the ones you hold dear and tell them so.

Yours Lucyx


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