Nutritious food

Soup – your one pot wonder, can it be any easier?

I’ve always loved soups especially in winter. Comforting, nutritious, quick and cheap to make, often freezable, what is not to love ?

I thought I was sorted until Mandy introduced me to her soup maker.  At first I thought why would I want one of those?  Surely soup is so simple to make, what benefit is there in another  gadget to clutter up my kitchen!

Well the beauty of my new gadget as Mandy pointed out to me, is that it is one pot cooking at its best, (and Mandy loves a bit of one pot cooking). My new soup maker also sautes.  And so for the simple Pea soup recipe that you see in the picture,  I was able to sauté the onion first, then add the frozen peas and stock.  Press the button for chunky  or smooth and in under 20 minutes it was cooked and liquidised…brilliant!

Basically everything is done in the one pot so saves on washing up, but also as it works on a timer you can go off for your walk as Mandy does, or do your chores and it is safe to leave.

Pop back in the kitchen and voila, lunch is ready.

So dig out those vegetables lurking in the bottom of your fridge and get into soup.  Looking for extra protein ? Add in some of that leftover cooked chicken or add some beans or lentils.

The combinations are endless and can provide cheap meals for all the family that provide a wide range of vitamins and minerals.  Often any leftovers can be frozen.  To give you some ideas we will post some of the recipes that we are currently enjoying.

Do send us some pics of your soups, we’d love you to share them with us!


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