Sssshhhhh….it’s the Menopause!

Finally in the media we are starting to hear more about the menopause,  a subject which has for too long been glossed over and the fodder for many a joke.  With women making up a large proportion of the workforce it is a subject we can no longer brush under the carpet – for too long it has been an unspoken about, misunderstood, subject.

It silently creeps up on you,  until one day you look in the mirror and notice that your skin isn’t as firm as it was before, the scales say the same weight but your clothes don’t fit like they used to or,  the scales have increased even though you haven’t changed your diet or exercise routine; you have started getting spots again and the mood swings you are experiencing remind you of puberty!   If you are anything like us, I expect you haven’t even thought that these symptoms (along others we will cover in future blog posts) are often linked to the menopause?

We are often asked. “But isn’t the menopause something that you go through in your 50’s?”  If you haven’t had a period for over a year you are said to have gone ‘through the menopause’ and the average age in the UK is around 51/52.  Peri-menopause,  is the time when the majority of women will experience some symptoms and can last anything from 6-15 years and can start in your early 40’s, something which many women do not realise.

Having said that, some women go through the menopause much earlier, either naturally or as a result of undergoing surgery such as a hysterectomy.   Angelina Jolie spoke last year about being in menopause after her preventative surgery to remove her breasts,  ovaries and fallopian tubes, she was 39 at the time.  She said “I actually love being in menopause….I haven’t had a terrible reaction to it, so I’m very fortunate”.   Angelina has had a fairly simple transition to date but that is certainly not the case for many women, who suffer with extreme and often multiple symptoms which can affect both their family and work life.

If you would like to understand more about the menopause, how it can affect your mood, weight, libido and many other symptoms (not just hot flushes) and would like practical tips on how you can help yourself, please visit our website to see how we can help you and/or like our facebook page; http://www.facebook.com/aspire2healthfarnham.  You can also subscribe to follow our blogs.

Wishing you health and happiness

Mandy & Lucy






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