Madness or Menopause?

I was 44 when I first started to realise that I didn’t quite feel myself anymore.  I couldn’t put my finger on it at first, just noticed subtle changes.  My weight was increasing although I hadn’t changed my eating or exercise routine;   I was getting more breathless climbing the hills when I was out walking the dog and I felt extremely tired on a daily basis.   As time went on,  I noticed that my memory and concentration levels were getting worse and my mood swings were becoming more erratic and unpredictable.  I experienced bouts of rage and tears over the most trivial things, something which was completely out of character for me.     My lowest point came when I asked my husband if he thought I was having a breakdown.

It wasn’t a breakdown (my husband pointed out that I wouldn’t be able to ask that question if I was actually having a breakdown!) but  I knew that I had to do something about finding out what the problem was.

It never once crossed my mind that it could be anything to do with being peri-menopausal.   At that time,  I didn’t even know what peri-menopausal was.

I took myself off to see my GP and had some blood tests done which all came back ‘normal’ of course!   I spoke to him about what was going on and how I was feeling but he didn’t really offer any help,  only to suggest that I try anti-depressants.  I knew I wasn’t depressed, I was certainly stressed but not depressed.    Further tests undertaken privately showed that I had a very low testosterone level for a women of my age,  as well as low oestrogen and low thyroid levels.  These low hormones levels were contributing to my symptoms and were signs that I was peri-menopausal.    My consultant explained that Peri-menopause is a period of hormonal imbalance leading up to the point when you have your last period and can last for a number of years.

At the time, the only symptom I had ever really heard of relating to menopause was hot flashes and sweats,.  I thought these symptoms only happened to women who were in their 50’s.  I never realised what I was experiencing in my mid 40’s were also ‘menopausal’ symptoms.

Once I had some answers to my unexplained symptoms and realised I wasn’t going mad, I felt a huge sense of relief.  I started to research as much as I could about what was happening in my body and this led me to train as a holistic naturopathic practitioner, like my friend Lucy.   Both Lucy and I have learned how nutrition and lifestyle changes can have a huge impact on a person’s health & wellbeing and it is for this reason we would like to share our knowledge with you.

We will cover more about the many different symptoms of menopause over the next few weeks.  If you would like to keep updated, please like our facebook page www.facebook/aspire2healthfarnham or  subscribe to our newsletter here

Aspiring you to health always

Mandy & Lucy












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