We offer private, individual consultations in a relaxed, safe, professional and completely confidential environment.

Before our first meeting we will send you a health questionnaire to complete.  This gives us a clear picture of where your health is now and enables us to direct further questions during the consultation .  We will then look at a unique nutritional programme and health & lifestyle advice to specifically address the root cause of the issue and to alleviate the symptoms.

The initial consultation will last approximately 1 1/2 hours where we will work with you to plan some realistic, achievable goals and the steps needed to start you on your journey back to health.

Follow up appointments last approximately 30-45 minutes  where we review your progress together and make changes if necessary to achieve your goals.

Nutritional therapy is not intended to replace any advice received from your doctor or other health professionals, we see it as complementary and often the two together will achieve a successful outcome.