We cook for you

Cooking for Hormonal Balance

Lunch/Dinner Parties

How about inviting a few like minded friends over for lunch or dinner but letting us prepare and cook a hormonally balanced and tasty meal for you all to enjoy?

Concentrating on small groups of between 6-8 people we will demonstrate how nutrition can help to manage menopause symptoms.  We will explain the reasons behind why we are using the ingredients and the benefits these nutrients have on the body, particularly during menopause.

After we have cooked, served dinner to you and completed our talk, we will leave you to enjoy the rest of your afternoon/evening.

We will cover;

  • The essential food groups – carbohydrates, proteins, fats and the importance of water
  • The nutrients needed for menopausal/hormonal balance
  • The importance of good digestion
  • Examples of good breakfasts/lunches and dinners
  • Fitting good food into family life and the importance of pre-prepping and pre-planning
  • A top-tip sheet to take away, with a brief overview of what we discussed, some menu ideas and website recommendations for recipes


Cost:  £25.00 per person (minimum 6 persons)