About Us

Lucy Powell & Mandy Barrett


Based near Farnham Surrey we are Lucy Powell and Mandy Barrett two qualified Naturopathic Nutritionists who have a shared passion for helping people to find simple, manageable ways to improve their health and wellbeing.

Passionate does not mean obsessive, we ‘fall off the wagon’ some of the time and that’s OK. What we are aiming for is balance and making small changes to help you achieve that balance.

We each have experienced our own health issues and have travelled our own journeys to health and wellness.  Lucy wanted to understand how nutritional therapy could help her keep optimum health whilst she was working across time zones, coping with shift patterns and working unsociable hours, all of which can have a detrimental effect on health.  Mandy came to naturopathic nutrition through struggling with hormonal issues, stress menopause symptoms and weight gain.

We offer one to one consultations, group talks and workshops and ‘We cook for you’ lunches and dinners.  Please see the Our Services tab for more information or contact us to discuss your requirements, we would love to hear from you.

We also like to share health news and tips on our blog so if there is any subject or health matter you would like us to cover, then please leave a comment for us.

Aspiring you to health always

Lucy & Mandy